How to register Yealink VC systems to the Videxio service

Please follow this process to register Yealink VC systems to the Videxio service. 

1. Create an endpoint subscription in the Partner Portal. Tie the MAC address of the VC system to the subscription. See screenshot below. Note the syntax of the MAC address


2. Then you either go to the web interface of the Yealink VC system (see screenshot below) or the on-screen menu of the VC system and choose Videxio as the VC platform. 

And within a short period the Yealink VC system is registered to the Videxio service. Note that you cannot use the Videxio Endpoint Activation app to register the Yealink VC systems to the service. 

Please read the following article for an overview of supported Yealink models and software versions: 


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