Registering a Polycom Trio

What do I need?

Step 1 - Endpoint Subscription gathering (For Pexip Partners)

  • Go to and create an endpoint subscription within the company you wish to use.
  • Navigate to the endpoint subscription, copy the URL from the web browser’s address bar.

Step 2 - Submit a request with Pexip

  • Head to the Pexip Partner Help Center, click “Submit a Request” and select the request form “Enablement - Polycom Trio Manual Registration Request” or Click Here to be taken directly to the form.
  • In the Description field please note what country the Polycom Trio will be in, for the United States please also provide the State.
  • In the field “Partner Ordering Portal URL for Subscription” enter the URL that you copied previously.

Step 3 - Configuration file from the Pexip Support Team

  • After submitting the request in Step 2 the Pexip Support team will generate and provide a configuration file.
  • Feel free to follow the steps below or watch our video on "How to Import a CFG File..."
    • Proceed to the https web interface of the Polycom Trio.
    • Navigate to (Utilities > Import & Export Configuration)
    • Using the “Import Configuration” file picker select the CFG file provided by Pexip Support and then click “Import”
    • Once the Import is complete the system will automatically register.


Tips and Tricks for the Trio


The default admin password for Trio is 456


Follow the steps below to factory reset a Trio or watch our video.

  • Disconnect Power
  • Attach power again
  • Once the Polycom logo appears on the LCD panel press the four corners of the screen
  • The Mute lights will then begin flashing, you may let go and the factory reset will begin


How do I change to a Generic profile?

Watch our video "How To Change A Polycom Trio's Base Profile to Generic"


Why can't I access the Polycom Trio's Web Interface?

By default, the web interface is disabled when the base profile is set to "Skype for Business" when setting to "Generic" only the HTTPS web interface is enabled.

Follow these steps on the Trio's touchscreen to modify the Web Interface settings:

- Select `Settings` > `Advanced` > Enter password > `Administration Settings` > `Web Server Configuration`
- From this screen, you can select to enable HTTP, HTTPS, or both


How do I pair the Polycom Visual+ to the Polycom Trio?

What our video "How To Pair A Polycom Trio To The Visual+"

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  • Is stand alone registration with Trio 8800 (so without the Visual Plus add on) supported?


  • Hi Sander, it's not a workflow that we have tested, but it should work the same with or without the Visual Plus as the config is all done on the Trio.

  • I can confirm that it works without Visual Plus.

  • Hi Chris, is it possible to "dual" register the Polycom 8800 with Skype for Business and Pexip as a Service? Base profile is Skype for Busines with line 2 being registered to PaaS.

  • Hi Andre,

    While it is possible, we are currently not providing configuration files for line 2 due to individual dial plan requirement for each deployment.

    Please feel free to take the configuration file from us and modify it to use as line 2.

  • Hi Chris, i am trying to request the CFG file, when i put in the url the form says Partner Ordering Portal URL for Subscription: is invalid, here is the URL
    can you help please

  • Thanks Bob for catching, I've updated the form, previously it was only accepting domains, I've now admin as an acceptable domain in that field.

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