Issues with content sharing on Cisco MXP Endpoints

UPDATE 2017-03-09: Workaround 2 below is being deprecated. More information to come.


Issue: MXP device can not receive content unless it shares first. Applies to SIP calls only.

Cause: If the endpoint is not the first presenter, it does not punch a hole in the firewall for content sharing stream and thus cannot also receive the content. This has been registered as two bugs in Cisco's F9 software: 

  1. CSCud35907, "F9 breaks BFCP TCP" (no planned release to fix this and verified that there is no content seen on MXP with F8.2, so not only F9 is affected)
  2. CSCty51581, "Movi rings MXP and BFCP fails"

Workaround: As the MXP is EOL, we do not expect Cisco to fix these bugs. There are two separate workarounds: is one workaround remaining:

  1. Recommended on single-screen MXP systems: Turn off H.239 in the Presentation settings (and continue to use SIP). This will force the content data into the main video stream, and the user will loose dual streams capability.
  2. Register the device using H.323 protocol rather than SIP. This will result in reduced call insight in the analytics tool, and requires proactive notification to Videxio Support on any calling domain changes for the subscription. The user might also experience quality degradation due to interworking of protocols. Please use the Support request form "Tech Support - Register MXP on H.323" to use this workaround.

If you prefer the latter workaround then please enter in the Support request form description the full URL for each Endpoint subscription to be registered on H.323 (one per line) from the Partner Ordering portal in the form:

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