How to install MTR on Mac

1. Open the following link

2. Once the page is open you will see a language option, set your preferred language.

3. Below the language preference you will see the following.


4. Highlight the text in the black box and click “Command C” on your keyboard.

5. Once you have copied this open a window in “Finder”.

6. In finder click “Applications” (This is located on the left below “Favorites”).

7. Scroll to the bottom of applications and locate the folder named “Utilities” and double click on it.


8. At the bottom of the page open “Terminal”.

9. Once terminal is open click “Command V” on your keyboard and hit enter two times.


10. After you hit enter it will ask for your computer password. (You won't see the characters type)

11. Once the install is complete type “brew install mtr” and hit enter.


12. Once the install is complete type “sudo mtr”.

13. A new window should open that looks like the following.


14. If this window opens, then you have successfully installed Homebrew. If this window does not open, please Refer to Section A.


 A. “Command not found” error when attempting “sudo mtr”. (These are case Sensitive commands)

  1. Type “sudo su – “ in the terminal line and hit enter.
  2. You should now see “root#” before the terminal line.
  3. Type “ls /usr/local/” in the terminal and hit enter.MTR_6.gif
  4. Now hit the “Up” arrow on your keyboard. Doing this should retype the same command that was in step
  5. Now type “C” and hit “Tab” on your keyboard. Your command line should now look like the following “ls /usr/local/Cellar/”.
  6. Hit “Tab” two more times and hit enter.
  7. Click “Control D” on your keyboard.
  8. Type “sudo ln /usr/local/Cellar/mtr/0.87/sbin/mtr /usr/local/bin/mtr” in the command line and press enter.
  9. This should return “File exists”.MTR_7.gif
  10. Please refer back to Step 12 in the install directions.
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