Domain Hosting


To enable your calling domain and to be fully functional part of the Pexip network, you need to add SIP and H323 SRV records to your DNS server to resolve the Pexip cloud servers.


Below is an example of the SRV records that need to be added to enable your calling domain. 


RECORD WEIGHT PRI PORT DATA 100 10 5060 100 10 5060 100 10 5061 100 50 5060 100 50 5060 100 50 5061

and for H323:

RECORD WEIGHT PRI PORT DATA 100 10 1720 100 50 1720

NOTE: you can also use subdomains if your root already has H323 or SIP services configured.


Once you have updated your DNS servers, a full description and verification that your domain has been correctly configured can be found visiting the following web page:


Adding this will make you available to external parties (not part of the Pexip cloud) to be able to reach you using URI dialing (the preferred dialing method).

When updating your DNS entries you may be asked for a TTL (Time To Live) value. If you have no preference or do not know what to fill in here, we recommend to use a value of 3600 (seconds) as a good balance between migration time and traffic generation.


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