How to perform a bulk invite of users

End User Administrators can perform a bulk import of users with a csv file.
Partners can perform this task for their end users but will temporarily need to assign a customer’s EUL to themselves.
An administrator can navigate to “Manage Company” from the “More items” menu in the top right of MyPages
Within the “Manage Company” under the “users” page there is an upward pointing arrow button next to the “Invite new user” button. This arrow button is labeled “Bulk import of users”
Alternatively administrators can click this link:

From this page administrators can upload a .csv file with users to invite.
Below is an example of the required format for the .csv file

John Doe;;
David Smith;;

Also attached is an example .csv file.

It is important that the .csv file usernames are not less than 6 characters prior to the “@” symbol. This restriction does not apply to companies that have purchased domain hosting.

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