Joining your room with Skype for Business

You can use your Skype for Business account to join your Videxio room to improve your video collaboration experience with the enhanced video performance provided when connecting to our dedicated cloud network*.


*Note that some Skype for Business users may have to perform a step called "federation" first to enable this feature. This is to open your Skype network to be able to connect with external users and only needs to be performed once. You can read our complete guide to this process here. You can also speak to your IT administrator for further details.



You can join in one of two ways:


1. Choose the Join using Skype for Business option on the Welcome page 


Join with S4B icon.png

  • For Windows PC users, the Skype for Business app will open up automatically
  • Mac OS users should follow the instructions on screen to enter the specially formatted video address for Skype for Business


2. Dial the specially formatted video address for Skype users directly inside your Skype for Business app:


Advanced room info option.png





  • Find this address under the Advanced room info tab in the user dashboard


  • Copy and paste the advanced room info to share with guests, either in your calendar invite or other messaging 


  • Save your room to your buddy list inside Skype for Business to make dial-in even quicker

Advanced room info no background .png




  • Whether you select option 1 or 2, the Skype app will ask how you'd prefer to join:
  • Using audio only (select the telephone icon)
  • Using video (select the video camera icon)




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