Single Sign On with G Suite

To enable Single Sign Videxio Partners will need to open a ticket with Videxio Support team using the "Single Sign-On (SSO) Setup Request" form.


Please note that Single Sign On is only available for Enterprise User License customer with a minimum of 10 user licenses and must be a paid customer.


A company administrator will need to log into


From the Home Menu select the "Security" Option.


Within the "Security" section select the option to "Set up single sign-on (SSO)"


The company administrator will need to provide the following information:



Entity ID






Once this information is gathered the Videxio Partner can create Submit a request here.


Once the request has been submitted follow these steps on the Google Admin Interface: Set up your own custom SAML application

You will need additional information from Videxio which is located here: Videxio SSO Provider and Entity Information


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