What is a VMR?

A VMR stands for a virtual meeting room. The virtual meeting room is a persistent room that at any time you can call into. VMRs come in two flavors, the personal VMR and the Team VMR.

 The Personal VMR is the one attached to every video account and is owned by that user, this VMR has the same video address as the account but with an added .vmr to the name. Example john.snow.vmr@thewall.gov.

 The Team VMR is the same as the personal except it is its own entity and is not attached to an account. The owner of this account starts as the administrator but this can be changed by said admin. Click here for the guide on how this is done. 

Both Types of VMRs have some small features that allow them to be used dynamically. One of which being that you can have PIN code. This makes it so that guests will be by themselves until the host enters the PIN and starts the call. This makes it so there is no waiting period where everyone is trickling into the call. This feature is great for small meetings on personal VMRs or even company-wide meetings. 

A List of VMRs that you are an owner of can be found on the my.videxio homepage.


Next, to the button, you click to see the VMR list is the participant's list. This is how you control the call you're in. These features include muting and kicking participants as well as adding them.



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