Controlling Who has Access to Team VMRs


When using the service you might notice that there are more than just personal VMRs. There are Team VMRs available also. These VMRs are controlled just like personal ones. The question is how do make it so anyone or just a few people can control it

  1. As an admin login to the videxio service.
  2. Open the drop-down menu in the top right and click Manage Company



3. Here you can see all of the Users and Team VMRs available.

4. To allow access to these VMRs, click on the Team VMRs link. Click on any of them and change the settings there.



Company administrators have the ability to assign access rights to conference control for Team Rooms (Also known as VMRs) within Manage Company.

There are three options to choose from within the “Owners” table for each Team Room.

  1. By default only users who have the Access right of Administrator assigned to them will be able to control team rooms.
  2. Company Administrators also have the ability to allow the inverse, allowing users within the company to have conference control a Team Room. This is done by selecting the Let all my users control this room option in Manage Company
  3. The last option is to select individual users as owners of a room to grant specific users the ability to control team rooms.


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