2. Make a call from your browser

This article shows how to call using Google Chrome. Other browsers may offer slightly different experiences. (For Internet Explorer and Safari, you will need to download a plug-in.)

Pressing the "Join room in browser" button takes you to a "preflight" page where you can ensure camera, microphone and speakers are working correctly before entering the room.



If you do not see your own image or hear a sound when testing speakers, go to the Settings page:


Save any changes and click "Join now".

"Join using Audio + presentation only mode"
By switching this on in your app settings you can join a room with just the audio feed on, whilst the visual feed will display only screen sharing performed by other guests, without sending or receiving the main video feed. This will reduce the amount of data your call will consume, along with reducing your bandwidth demands. Ideal for slow WiFi connections or mornings when you don’t want to miss want the important bits but don’t need anyone to see your morning hair either. 
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