How to Setup Youtube Integration in MyPages

 This process is also covered in depth by our short training videos on YouTube. Please see our YouTube playlist here: 


1. Go to MyPages and log in.

2. In the top right corner of the page click on your name or click on the arrow.


3. In the new dropdown menu click on Live events & recordings.

4. Towards the top right look for a button labeled as Manage Integrations and click it.


5. Click on Add Youtube account. Clicking this will forward you to a login page.

9. After logging in My Meeting Video will ask for permission to access your Youtube account. Please click Allow.


10. If you are using Youtube Live Streaming for the first time you will be forwarded to the following screen.


11. Click Enable Youtube Live Streaming. This will open a new tab to your Youtube page and you will see the following.


12. Click Enable Live Streaming and go back to your open tab in MyPages.

13. In my pages you will still see the Additional Youtube setup needed page. Now click I have enabled live streaming.

14. This will redirect you to the following page.


15. In the top right corner click on your name and then inside the pop down window click on Live events & recordings.

16. Now click Schedule Event.


17. Next you will select what room you want to stream/record. Click on the room you want and then click Next.

18. Now schedule the Date and Time for the event and click Finish.


19. You will be redirected to a new page. On this page you will find the links for participants and audience.

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  • some of this instructions and gifs are not quite accurate, especially manage integration part

  • After scheduling you still have to start the recording. What is the time window to activate the start?

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