5. Inviting guests

You can invite guests to your meeting room in a few different ways:

1. Send the URL only

This is a simple way that ensures that your participants will visit the web page for your room info and be guided to the best option. You can find the URL in the top left corner of your web page:


Copy the URL and simply paste it into the invite you send out to your participants.


2. Copy and send all the dial-in information (Advanced room info)

An alternative is to send all the dial-in information, so that users do not need to visit the web page first. This is a good option if your participants already know what type of device they will use when joining. You find this information if you click on the link "Advanced room info":


Simply click the "Copy text" button and paste into your meeting invite. 


3. Download the My Meeting Video for Outlook app to automatically schedule meetings in your virtual meeting room (VMR)

The app provides a shortcut button in your Outlook interface so that when you schedule a new meeting and click the shortcut, your virtual meeting room’s unique link is automatically added to the invite.

For full instructions on how to download and use the app, please read this help center article.  


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