5. Inviting guests

You can invite guests to your meeting room in a few different ways:

1. Send the URL only

This is a simple way that ensures that your participants will visit the web page for your room info and be guided to the best option. You can find the URL in the top left corner of your web page:


Copy the URL and simply paste it into the invite you send out to your participants.

2. Send all the dial-in information

An alternative is to send all the dial-in information, so that users do not need to visit the web page first. This is a good option if your participants already know what type of device they will use when joining. You find this information if you click on the link "Advanced room info":


Simply click the "Copy text" button and paste into your meeting invite. 

3. Use the Outlook add-on

The last option we'll explore is using the Outlook add-in. This is a simple and powerful tool if you run a Windows PC. (The add-on is not available for Mac.)

1. Go to your room and press your name in the top right corner. Click download apps:



2. Follow the set-up wizard.

3. When the set-up wizard is completed you need shut down outlook and start it again. The first time you are asked to log-in with your personal video address and password, not your email user name and password. You will now see the “New Video Meeting” Icon from the toolbar. Click this button to auto-populate the invite with all the necessary dial-in information. If you have problems getting the Add-in to populate in the Outlook task bar, go to file -> Manage COM Add-ins and approve the Outlook Add-in. 


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