Manage your Room (in call)

When in a call, you have several "knobs and buttons" available in the web interface to ensure a best possible experience for yourself and your guests.

Clicking on the people icon next to the # button will display your participant list:


You can scroll through the participants list easily using your cursor or touch screen. You can manage individual participants in the call — by muting their microphone, or clicking the X next their name to disconnect them:


Need to add more people to the meeting? Invite someone to a room by calling them from the room itself. Not only can you dial out to your company contacts, video addresses or remote IP addresses, even better — you can dial out to multiple addresses at the same time! Start by clicking on the “Invite someone” button, then “Dial colleague or video address”:


If you need to add someone that is not in the directory, just enter their video address manually:


Selecting Disconnect All at the top of the list will end the call for everyone currently participating and disconnect everyone:



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