Joining a Meeting Room (Skype for Business)

To join a meeting room from inside your Skype for Business app:

Because you’re making a call outside of your usual network, you need to dial into one of our meeting rooms with the right format to help direct the call through to the right place. However, we’ve made it really quick to do this so your meetings can always start on time.  

  1. First, you need to find out the re-formatted video address for the specific room you would like to join. The address should look like something like this, with the first part made up of eight digits:
    • If it’s your own room: the reformatted Skype for Business dial-in address is listed under your Advanced room settings option on the Welcome page when logging into our service
    • Finding out the re-formatted address for someone else’s room. There are three quick ways to this:
    • The room host will often include their advanced room settings with the meeting invite (email or calendar). Simply find the Skype for Business information to find the right address
      • Otherwise, if you have the URL link for the room (this should always be included in the meeting invite), enter this into your browser, type your name and then choose Option B - Join with another device or app. From here, select Number 1 - PC / Mac app and follow the on-screen instructions for using Skype for Business
      • If you don’t know the URL link you’re able to log into our service to search for meeting rooms in your network. Select the # option from the menu at the top-right of the Welcome page, to bring up the search field                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Note: The address for each room is permanent, so once you have the correct address you can use it to enter that particular room every time
  2. Once you have the correct address enter this in the search field in your Skype for Business app
  3. Then simply select the Start a Video Call option. That’s almost it! However, sometimes you might asked to enter the room’s unique conference code when your call connects. This is the number makes up the first part of the reformatted dial-in address for the room. Enter this number using the number keys on your device followed by the # key
  4. Strap yourself in for a video meeting experience that’s more productive than ever before.
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