In-call Controls

We’ve optimized the controls for touchscreens in our mobile and tablet apps so that managing your in-call experience is a smooth as your presentation style.

This article is about controls whilst you’re in a video call. For changing your settings for how you join a call, take a look at this article about changing your Settings here.


All the controls come as touchscreen icons and appear when first joining a call. However, they’re not persistent throughout the call and will disappear from view if left unused for a few seconds. This is so the video display isn’t obscured unnecessarily.

Simply tap on any area of your touchscreen to recall the icons at any time during a call. An icon will turn blue to indicate when the function is in use.


1. Toggle camera on/off 


Tap the Mute camera icon to turn off your own video feed during a video call. You will still be able to see other video participants.


2. Switch Cameras 


Tap the Swap camera icon to swap to the rear camera on your device or to change back to the front-facing camera. Great for sharing the view from you physical room with the virtual room. Or you just want to make everyone back in the office jealous because you’re calling from the penthouse suite on your “business” trip to clinch the latest deal.


3. Mute Microphone 


Tap the Mute microphone icon to turn off your audio so other participants will not receive sound from your feed. Perfect for when you want to be seen but not heard. Or your flight has been delayed and the atmospheric sounds of airplanes taking off in the background of the departure lounge are making you less popular than usual.


4. Number pad 


Use the number pad if you need to enter a PIN code upon entering a Meeting room. Hosts add PIN codes for either guests or themselves (or both) to make their room more secure. And let’s be honest, typing secret security codes into a handheld device + placing encrypted video calls to a virtual meeting room = feeling a bit like a spy. But the cool James Bond type, not the boring NSA sort snooping through people’s email in an underground facility.


5. Disconnect call 


Don’t. Touch. The. Big. Red. Button. Unless you want everything to stop sudd—.

Oh, where did everybody go? Hello..? Hellooo?!

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