Viewing Upcoming Meetings and Scheduling a New Meeting in Your Room

You can view, schedule, and join video meeting straight from your smartphone or tablet device, for true videoconferencing-on-the-go. Just make sure you keep a compact in your purse for those last minute touch ups before the camera rolls. 

The Calendar page of your app gives you a simple overview of all the upcoming meetings you have in your own room, as well as any other events you’ve been invited to that are being hosted in a Meeting room on our service.

Viewing upcoming meetings

  1. Select your Calendar page from the menu: 





  1. Your video meetings, both as host or guest will be listed in chronological order, by day and date
  2. The top meeting is your Next meeting
    1. All your scheduled video meeting events in your room or someone else’s room can be listed
    2. All meetings in your Meeting room scheduled from the app will display automatically 

How to schedule new meetings outside of the app so they appear in your Upcoming meetings list:

If you use Microsoft Outlook, you should download our Outlook plugin to quickly add video meetings to your calendar. Download the plugin in the Downloads page of your user dashboard when logging into the web app.

Otherwise, for meetings you’ve scheduled on another device or app, to ensure they appear in your Upcoming meetings, you should enter your room’s complete .vmr@ address or its URL link into either the location or description fields of the calendar event:

  • The calendar should be one that’s synced to your mobile and/or tablet device(s)
  • It should also be set to sync between your device and the app. To check which calendars are being used by the app, go to your Settings⇒Calendar. You can read more about managing your app settings here.


How to schedule a meeting using the app:

The app makes it really easy to manage your schedule by letting you add new meetings directly to your main calendars using the Calendar page quicker than you can say “send me an invite”. 


  1. Click the Add + icon at the bottom of your screen to create a new entry:
  2. The first time you do this your device will display the the available calendar apps you would prefer to complete the action with (usually the device’s native calendar app or another calendar app you’ve downloaded)
  3. The calendar app you choose will open with the location field automatically populated with your full .vmr@ address, with your advanced room info automatically added to the description field.      
  4. You can now edit the event title and invite guests as usual
  5. Hit Save and the event will now appear in your calendar across all your synced devices as well as being listed in your Upcoming meetings list
  6. Alternatively, you can easily share the link for your room from the app. Your room is listed at the top of the Rooms # page. Tap the SHARE link under your room and select the app you wish to use (email, WhatsApp, Slack etc.). The URL link to your room will be pasted in your message. By using this link any recipient can now join your room by following the instructions on the screen. This includes details for accessing via a preferred device or app 

Join a meeting using the app

It’s simple to join a meeting straight from the app. Under the meeting listed at the top of your list, the Next meeting entry, you can choose one of two actions: 

  1. Choose JOIN to join the meeting with the app instantly, using either video or audio. This works for joining both your own room or as a guest in someone else’s
  2. If you select DETAILS, you can go to the event on your phone’s calendar app to view the full event
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