Managing Your Calls and Contacts

Getting started with your contacts directory, room search and recent calls:

We’ve made it easy to manage and review the calls you make, as well as the contacts in your company network so you can find and call the room or individual you want in a jiffy. All the individual users and meeting rooms within your company’s internal network are displayed in the app under the Contact Directory page and the Rooms # page.


Moving between Rooms, Contact Directory, and Recent Calls to manage your contacts and calls:


Tab_2_Android.png Tab_3_Android.png Tab_1_Android.png

Navigate between the pages by tapping the icons in the menu bar at the top of the app window, just below the search field. This menu appears at the top of each page so it’s simple to move to the correct page wherever you are in the app. Alternatively, you can move between the pages by swiping your screen to the left or right.


Tab_2_iOS.png Tab_3_iOS.png Tab_1_iOS.png

Navigate between the pages by tapping the icons in the menu bar at the bottom of the app window. This menu appears at the bottom of each page to easily navigate to any part of the app.


If your organization has purchased licenses for Personal Meeting rooms and not just Team Meeting rooms, then each user is issued with two unique video addresses, one for the Meeting room itself (usually includes a .vmr@ domain), organized under the Rooms # page, and a personal video address that’s organized under the Contacts directory

To learn more about calling contacts or meeting rooms outside your company’s network read our short guide here.  


Tab_3_Android.png Tab_3_iOS.png 

An address directory for all the rooms in your internal company network including Team Meeting rooms, which are administered by your company’s authorized admin user(s) rather than an individual user.  

Rooms are listed in alphabetical order according to the first letter of the name of the room, as opposed to the video address. This list will update automatically as new rooms are activated on your company network.

2. Contacts:

Tab_2_Android.png Tab_2_iOS.png

All the personal video addresses in your organization are listed here. Contacts are displayed in alphabetical order, sorted by the initial letter of the first name of the contact, not the video address itself. If your company does not have any personal video addresses the Contacts directory will be blank. Again, this list will update automatically. 

My video address format:

To make them easier to remember you video addresses are formatted in the same way as an email address. If your company doesn’t have custom addresses then it will use a construction of your name plus our service domain.

However, if your company has purchased domain hosting, this allows for customized video addresses so your personal video address matches your company email address. Your room address would then be your the same, or similar to, your company email address with the additional .vmr@ domain.  

3. Recent Calls:

 Tab_1_Android.png Tab_1_iOS.png

Lists all your recent call activity across all your devices and apps on our service. If you make a call through the desktop app, or through the browser on your laptop, this will be listed in your recent calls. It is organized by day, with incoming and outgoing calls listed together in the order and time they were placed. You can use this screen to redial or call back on video or audio by tapping on the desired contact. 

Great for people or rooms you need to call all the time. Which is all of them, obviously.


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