Getting Started with MyVidexio

               MyVidexio is the portal where you as a user can simply and effectively manage your personal video experience. As a company administrator, you can monitor usage and adoption and manage your company subscription services.

  • MyVidexio allows you to easily invite, schedule and manage your virtual Meeting room (VMR)
  • Your room is always available
  • Supports up to 50 participants
  • Guests can join from their standard videoconferencing systems, Skype for Business, preferred browser or audio only (PSTN)

Sign up for the first time:

  • Click the invitation link received in the email
  • Create your password
  • Take the welcome tour and then get ready for your first video meeting

Host, join or invite participants:

  • Log-in to
    1. Invite participants to the meeting
    2. Choose how to Join your meeting
    3. Manage active meetings
  • Get more out of your experience by installing additional apps.
    • Select Download from menu
      • Select MyMeetingVideo for a better video experience
      • Select My Meeting to join, invite and schedule calls using your iOS or Android smartphone
      • Select Microsoft Outlook add-in to schedule conference calls in your calendar

Join your meeting using MyMeetingVideo:

  • Open MyMeetingVideo and log in with your username and password
    • Note: the username might be different from your email address
  • Search through your directory to find the right VMR or person to call or select your own VMR from favorites tab to join


  • From MyVidexio select Computer and select Software client from the pull-down menu. It calls using your MyMeetingVideo, Polycom Realpresence or Microsoft Lync

Join with a Videoconferencing System:

  1. Select the Video System tab, and the Manufacturer 
  2. The video address (URI) to your Meeting room is displayed. Enter this address into your video system
  3. If the video system is only able to dial IP addresses, dial this option using the format provided


If the video system is connected to the Videxio service, you can search for your meeting room in the Contacts Directory. Your room will often have VMR as the suffix, (John Doe's VMR)

Join with your phone:

  1. Select the Telephone tab. The default dial-in number for your location will appear
  2. If you want to change location, select your country using the drop-down menu
  3. Dial the number and enter your conference code as displayed


Use the My Meeting Smartphone App and press Join

If you are an administrator you can check out this article to learn more 
To see the same article with pictures download the attached file


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