My Pages Known Issues and Limitations

As of 2017-05-06 Videxio has released an update to the the user interface for and partner's branded my pages domains, below are the current known issues and limitations for My Pages.


Please note that the "Manage company" pages, Safari plug-in, and Internet Explorer plug-in, will be redesigned at a later date.


To review new features and functionality please go to:


Videxio Live/Streaming & Recording Known Issues and Limitations are posted here:


Restrictions and Limitations:

  • Firefox on Android does not support launching PSTN calls.
  • Empty rooms can be locked with no participants, the room will then remain locked for 24 hours. (433)
  • Company Admins are unable to download company handouts using Manage Company. (647)
  • Manage Company Usage Graphs are off by 24 hours. (814)
  • Users may find that "Remember Me" option may not work and they need to log back in after their session expires.
  • Opera Users are currently not able to connect to Videxio Rooms using WebRTC, this has been resolved in the next release of MyPages. (2018-01-16)
  • When placing an outbound call to a URI a leading or trailing space is allowed. (700)
  • Chrome 64+ users may experience degraded transmit content share quality due to "enhancements" in Chrome 64. (704) - Resolved 2018-02-14
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